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Custom Storage

Why do I need storage?#

The storage is used to store the session (authentication keys, server salts and time offset)

How to make your own custom storage?#

1. Create#

It's easy. The custom storage must follow this API:

class CustomStorage {
set(key: string, value: string): Promise<void>;
get(key: string): Promise<string|null>;

Examples can be found in the last section

2. Use#

Create an instance of the custom storage and pass it to storageOptions.instance:

const instance = new CustomStorage();
new MTProto({
storageOptions: {

Ready-made storages#

The library includes ready-made storages:

  1. tempStorage only stores data while the script is running
const tempStorage = require('@mtproto/core/src/storage/temp');
new MTProto({
storageOptions: {
instance: tempStorage,